The Purpose of TibetBridges [ Back to The FAQ ]

TibetBridges is not for free hosting.
It is for people who want to own their website.
It is for learning to stand on your own feet!

Thanks to Jeff Lebow, we have a web server, for hosting websites:

Please know that the purpose of TibetBridges is NOT to "give free hosting".

It exists to have a place where Tibetans can learn how to build and manage websites, and i can help them learn there because i know the environment.

Here are the conditions of hosting at TibetBridges

It has to be under those conditions, for reasons of

You have other responsibilities as well:

If you don't want all this hassle — you just want some hosting space:

If you just need some small space, even the place where you registered probably can provide that.

If you need more, there's a lot of free hosting these days. Here's a list of some:

You are an organisation? Grow up and get your own hosting!

“You know that something is important to an organization if, and only if, it has a budget, a calendar and one person accountable for it.”
— mike hoye

In the old days, yes, Tibetans needed westerners to provide free hosting.
This is no longer true.

There are many many resources on our Wonderful World Wide Web for learning how to choose web hosting. Here is just one:

Aw c'mon, what's the big deal?

The web is the most powerful tool invented since the printing press. Not only the Chinese government, but many others, are spending billions to control it! It is more powerful than bombs or guns.

Why? Because the Web is your voice to the world. Not government's voice, not the Powerful people's voice: Yours!

The big deal, the wonderful deal, is to learn how to use this amazing tool, and make your website as effective as possible.

One way to do that is:

James you talk too much!

I know :)
Talking and writing is all i have, to most quickly share with you.

I am available all day, and sometimes most of the night, to answer useful questions, to teach how to do things, by phone, skype chat, email, in person — whatever works! I do this no matter where your site is hosted. Also there are many resources online, and many other persons, to help you improve your skills and your site.

James this all sounds too hard!

I know :)
Think of this: What is the freedom of Tibet worth? Is it worth the best?
Or is it ok to be "good enough"?