Website security

Do you see any danger on my website?

Oh yes. I don't even have to look at your website to answer this.
What?!! Because, just having a website, is opening everything on it for hackers.
It's just like when you walk down the street: You are available to the bad guys, and you take care of yourself accordingly, right?
It's like this:

The web, just like the street, is about connecting — that's why it's called the web!
So just like the street, it is open to everyone. Good guys and bad guys are there.
Just by going out your door, you are putting yourself in the way of danger. By having anything on the web, you are putting it out into the world where people can get it, and also people can get at it!

It's confusing because, we often can recognise the dangers and the bad guys on the street. Attackers on the web are invisible to our eyes and ears, and harder to imagine. So it's easier to pretend they are not there at all!

So, do I have to do something to protect it, or does the hosting company, or the people who maintain the website, do that?

We walk down the street with only ourself to protect ourself — but when we have a website we have bodyguards and helpers! That's really nice ... but ... even they can't protect us if we open the door and let the bad guys in.

Actually your website maintainers can protect the website the least. They're not really in a position to do that. "Maintaining" a website means getting the content on it, providing the hosting, etc.. If they do programming for it, there are security issues there. But you know what?

The main things that start the process of a website getting hacked is,

And, i'm sorry to say, both those things are in the hands of the web developer. Hmmmm, is that you?

Here's how to get your website hacked:

Please do At least these three things

There is a Website security checklist at TibetanGeeks

What actually are the dangers? how bad can it be? Will the data on the server get erased, or something make it difficult for others to access the webpage?

Yes, those can definitely happen. In fact, those two things, and worse, happen several times a year, to Tibetan sites i consult with. It is one my jobs, keeping up with this. (In fact, you could say that the real reason i'm writing this is to try to lower my workload!! :D )

But you know what — those two things are the least of my worries. Yes! I am a meeannnn and hard-hearted person. I don't care if your whole website gets erased, or if people can't get to your site. Really!
We can always restore a website. (You keep backups, right?)
What is really dangerous is things that actually hurt people. Here are some of them:

Since I update my pages by myself, everything should be ok, right? Is there any way of getting my pages corrupted?

Oh yes. I can't emphasize this enough. Red and Blinking!!!!

                                   **** **** **** ****
*** Your webpages are more likely to get corrupted from your machine, than from anywhere else. ***
                                   **** **** **** ****

(ewwwwwwwww! Never mind. I couldn't handle the blinking! :)

Here's how it happens:

So ... Conclusion! Again, it's just like walking down the street. There's no substitute for knowledge and for experience. It only seems much harder, because we gradually learn safety on the streets as we grow up, so it seems to come naturally. But if we are serious about our websites ("Tibetans' Voice to the World!") then there's no escape: we have to learn things, we have to use our brains, and we have to try things to get experience.

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