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your control panel you can do great things for your site with your control panel

  1. What can i do in the cPanel?
  2. Cpanel looks really interesting and powerful! Where can i learn more?

the Cpanel What you can do

  1. How do i make server-side includes (SSI) work on my website? You do this through your CPanel:
    Step one: Get to the setup page:
    In your web browser, go to the Cpanel for your site (http://yoursite.tld/cpanel) and log in.
    Scroll down to the 7th row of icons, and click on the "Apache Handlers" icon Apache
    Step two: Do it
    A little form will come up.
    Notice some text underneath the words
    "System Defined handlers":
    One line says .cgi .pl   cgi-script
    Next line says .shtml   server-parsed
    Look back up a bit, at the form boxes underneath the words
    "Extension(s) Handler".
    In the first box, type .html
    In the second box (to the right) type server-parsed
    Click on "Add"
    Check the resuting page: notice that those two words you typed will now appear underneath the '.shtml' line.
    Step three: check
    Your server-side includes should now work!
    So — go reload your website page and make sure. :)
    These are called "apache handlers" because the server, named apache, "handles" the server side includes.
    The line that says .cgi .pl   cgi-script means that files ending in .cgi or .pl will be run as programs (cgi scripts).
    The line saying .shtml   server-parsed means that files ending in .shtml will be looked at by apache, to see if there are any server-side include lines inside. That is: apache has to *parse* the file.
    You have now told apache that you want it to look at (or "parse") all files ending in .html as well as .shtml.
    Want to know more?
    Cpanel help:
    • At the bottom of the left column of your Cpanel, "Documentation", click on "Click to view".
      In the left column navigation of that new page, click to open the "How do i use Cpanel" section, and scroll down to "Apache handlers".
    Other sites:

the Cpanel learn more

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  2. Cpanel help:
    At the bottom of the left column of your Cpanel, "Documentation", click on "Click to view".
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