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  1. What is Google Apps?
  2. What are the steps to set up Google Apps for my domain email?
  3. How can i make a nicer domain for accessing my Google Apps mail?
  4. Where can i learn more?

What is Google Apps?

  1. It allows you to use Google applications with your own domain name.
  2. What can i have on Google Apps?
    The things that are interesting to us are:

What are the steps to set up Google Apps for my domain email?

  1. Prove to google that this is your email address
  2. Make Google apps account: http://www.google.com/apps
    1. Wait for the email from google apps. it may take an hour or two.
    2. When you get the email, click on the link it has. Then log in with the password you made at Google Apps.
  3. Get administrative access for your site at Google Apps:
    1. After you log in, scroll to bottom of blue box, to the paragraph about "access administrative features" Click on "learn how".
    2. On the next page,
      - read the stuff
      - give your email address (one NOT in your domain!)
      - click on "I accept"
    3. On the next page, you verify that you own your domain, by one of two things:
      - putting a file on your website, and google will check it (You can do this).
      - putting a CNAME record in your dns. (More info at http://www.google.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?answer=47283) (You will have to ask me to do this).

      It is easiest just to upload the file. It says it will take about 48 hours, but really just takes about half an hour (it's all automatic, done by a google program.)
      Either way, follow the instructions, and when everything is ready, click on the "Verify" button

      Google apps will return you to your domain page, and there will be an orange line at the top, saying "We are checking domain ownership. This may take 48 hours to complete."
      But it never does, it takes less than an hour.

      while you are waiting ...
  4. Create New Users
    Set up email accounts at google apps.
    4a. Click on the link in the top blue box on that page, or, if you have logged out of Google Apps, log back in with your administrator account (that you made above).
    4b. Click on "Manage this domain" (it's on the second line, between your user name, and "log out")
    4c. Now you are in your Google apps control panel.
    4d. Click on
    the "User accounts" tab
    the "Create Users" link
    and create all your users.
    (NOTE - if you delete a user, and then want to create the same one again - you can't. you have to wait five days.)
  5. Activate email at Google Apps:
  6. Change MX record to point to google apps
    * If you have control of your DNS, go ahead and follow the instructions that Google Apps gives you. (There is a place in your CPanel where you can edit MX records).
    * If you don't know about DNS,
    1. Tell me that you are "ready to change the MX" and i will do it, in TibetBridges admin
    2. When i tell you it's done, wait about 15 minutes and then check it's working:
      2a. Send a mail to one of the accounts, from some other email (like your yahoo mail or something).
      2b. Log in to that account at Google Apps and see if your mail is there

    When this happens, NONE of the email at your domain at TibetBridges will work at TibetBridges any more. ALL mail to anything at your domain name will go to Google Apps accounts.

How can i make a nicer domain for accessing my Google Apps mail?

  1. You may want to have something like http://mail.yourdomain.tld to go to for your Google Apps mail, instead of the long url that Google Apps gives you.
  2. You can do this, by having me set up a CNAME record at TibetBridges, and setting in your Google Apps admin that you are using this as a subdomain.
  3. http://www.google.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?answer=47283

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