What is bandwidth, and why do we have a bandwidth limit

"bandwidth" means how much kilobytes your account is receiving and sending.

This means, how many pages (and images, and css files, and ... and ...) people are getting from your website, and also, how many files you are uploading to your site.

There are two reasons that each account has a "bandwidth limit" (limit on how much you can serve each month):

  1. Since someone (Jeff Lebow) is paying for this hosting, he pays for total bandwidth, and we divide it among the accounts.
  2. One way that a site is attacked, is by sending thousands of small requests to the site through a program, so the site can no longer send web pages. If the attack is really big, it can stop all the sites on the server from sending web pages!

So when we set up the account we estimate how much bandwidth you probably need, and are happy to raise the limit when your site gets more popular.

However, if you are not being careful about the filesizes of your images or other media files, or if your site is being attacked, raising your bandwidth will not help. So you need to check and be sure about all those things, before getting your bandwidth limit raised.