Debugging your program

Since my telepathic powers seem to be not working well, in order for me to say anything useful about your program, i would need the following information:

First, before anything:


  1. Q: Exactly what is the error message that you are seeing.
  2. Q: Exactly what things have you done so far to try to solve the problem,
    Q: what was the exact result for each thing.
  3. If you have found some useful pages on the net about your problem,
    Q: exactly which parts of these pages relate to your error messages, to your solutions, and to your results.
  4. Q: Exactly what is your question to me.
NOTE: A useful subject line of your email helps me get to your mail faster.
I look at all mails with a subject first, as i will then have some idea what the mail is about right away.
When i am done with those i then read mails with useless subjects like 'hi' and 'sir'.
(Also, a useful subject line makes you look like a professional, not a kid).

Interesting fact: You may find after following the steps above, that you have solved your programming problem yourself! :)
This is called "debugging". At least a third of our coding time is spent doing this.
A famous early programmer has said that if he knew that most of his coding time would be spent debugging, he never would have invented programming at all.