How to make good passwords

You can make it near impossible for any program to guess your password. Here's how:

All passwords should have:

Now make up a password:

  1. Think of a word or two, a short phrase, something that comes easily to your mind
    Example: lovetheweb
  2. Now make a few of the letters uppercase:
  3. Change a few of the letters to numbers:
    (Notice i changed all the e's to 3's. This is hard to hack, but pretty easy to remember.)
  4. Let's put some punctuation characters in there:

Interesting things about passwords

remembering passwords

You are in the world of the web now, and will have many passwords. You will naturally remember the ones you use often. Don't think too much about remembering all of them — it is impossible. Make good passwords, and keep a record of them, in a very safe place (NOT taped to your monitor, NOT in your desk drawer!).

multiple passwords

You should have a different password for each account you have online.
This sounds a bit hard, but it is not. You can do something like:
YHL;v3Th3W3b for your YaHoo mail
GML;v3Th3W3b for your Google Mail
H5L;v3Th3W3b for your Hi 5 account

how do the bad guys crack passwords?

Hackers don't guess passwords by sitting there and guessing and type them in. They have programs that create all possible combinations of words and numbers. While the hacker goes off to have tea, the program does the guessing, and notifies the hacker when it succeeds!

By making passwords as above, we increase the time it takes that program to crack our password, to thousands of years.