Protecting your bandwidth

You may be noticing, or your web hosting person may have contacted you, that your website is using too much bandwidth. "Bandwidth" is anything going "through the pipe" (the connection) to or from your site.

This could be a good thing!

But — these days, in the wild world of the internet, it could also mean that your site is being attacked.

So how to find out what is using your bandwidth?

CPanel has some very useful tools to help us see what is going on, and even to stop it.
So first,

Log in to your CPanel

The "Bandwidth" tool in CPanel

1. Scroll down to the "Logs" section, and click on the "Bandwidth" icon

2. Check out the charts there.

It will show you bandwidth use by past week, and year, and by domains and subdomiains, and by web/mail/ftp. You can click on graphs and connection types to see more details, but the big picture is probably the most useful to us.

It's good to "fly over" the past months, and get an idea of the pattern. If you have a sudden increase ... is it because your site suddenly got popular? Or are you being hacked?

Ok that gives us the bandwidth pattern, but maybe we want more details. No problem!

The great Awstats in CPanel

1. Go back (or log in) to your CPanel

2. Scroll down to the same "Logs" section, and click on the "Awstats" icon

Your CPanel may look different, because it may have a different theme. But the idea will be the same.

3. Click on the domain (website) whose stats you want to see. has a lot of subdomains, and we can see separate statistics for each of them - which is nice! Right now we want to see the stats for the main TibetanGeeks website, which is "" ... so we scroll down and find it at the end of the list. Click on the little magnifying glass icon.

4. View the countries accessing your website.

Now you are at the page showing statistics for your webesite. There are a lot of interesting things on this page, and it is worth your time to explore them!
But for right now, our interest is, who is eating our bandwidth?
So scroll down to the section labeled "Countries".

Things to know:

5. Check the I.P. numbers

If there is an i.p. number getting a lot more hits than all the others, i would be suspicious of it.

Hmmmmmmmm ....

6. Check the robots

Good robots will say who they are: "Yahoo Slurp" or "Googlebot". I think that top "Unknown robot" is one of the bad guys!

Block the bad guys

  1. Find out where that greedy i.p. number is coming from:
    Copy it, and check it here to see if it is a good boy or a bad boy
  2. Now find out more about the hostname that you found:
  3. Block the bad i.p. number in your CPanel!
Get your site back online:
If you have your own hosting, contact your good Support at your hosting
and tell them what you have done and ask them to unblock your site.

If you have an account with TibetBridges, contact TibetBridges
and tell them what you have done and ask them to raise your bandwidth
temporarily so that you can get visitors for the rest of the month!

The bandwidth raise is temporary, and will put back to your normal bandwidth
at the first of the month.

It may take a few hours for the site to be available -- the 
cPanel program only checks the bandwidth limit once a day,
and i don't know when that is ... 

In your local copy of your website, check your file sizes

Get great protection from CloudFlare

Now get an account on CloudFlare
to protect your website,
which in turn protects other sites and people.

Know more

About DOS attacks:

It would be great to have Tibetan and Chinese translations of this page. Can you help? Contact us!